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Miracle Bitters (1 Month Supply)


Miracle Bitters: A fusion of selected plants and herbs that support, nourish and boost the immune system, bowels and blood.  The bitters balance the biochemistry by neutralizing viral and bacterial activity. It boosts energy, prevents fatigue, prevents constipation, neutralises food poisoning, suppresses hayfever, coughs and  diarrhea by releasing occluded energy from the body.

Contains: African God Tree, Mahogany, Kookoo Medicine, Cassia, Mooro.

Regulates immune system, cleans blood, heals fatigue and releases latent energy, cleans residue of allopathic medication, fights malaria and parasites, stimulates erection receptors, arrests diarrhoea, cleans and balances bacteria and fungus within the colon and suppresses vomiting. Drink 1 tablespoon (undiluted) twice a day, drink lots of water thereafter to neutralise the bitter flavour. Perform this twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.