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Colloidal Silver (1 Month Supply)


Colloidal Silver is typically used in a wide variety of anti-microbial applications. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, and kills 650 bacteria contact, which is a useful quality in this day of anti-biotic resistant bacteria. Unlike antiseptics Colloidal Silver is painless when applied to cuts, bruises or burns and does not destroy tissue cells.

It can be used in sensitive areas without causing pain or stings. Silver based compounds are used in hospitals to promote healing in cases of burns and serious wounds. It is reported to be effective in treating a wide variety of bacterial viral and fungal infections.

The spray form is effective in a wide variety of home sterilisation applications such as hygienic surface cleaning, and to prevent the spreading of bacterial contamination sanitary ware cleaning door handles etc.

It can be used in water sterilisation hot tub and pool cleaning as well as to reduce bacterial proliferation in many common household items, such as toothbrushes, cutting boards, sponges etc.

Gargling with it at the advent of a cold flu or similar infection can dramatically reduce or clear the infection if caught soon enough.

In food preservation it can be sprayed onto the top of jam in jars before closing after use to prevent mould growth.