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After having cancer at such a young age and going through long term side effects I’m always looking at new ways to improve and maintain my health. I was in shock after my scan with VitaVation in 2018, as I had told them nothing but all was revealed through the results. Since then I have used that information to further improve things I thought were irreversible and create a much healthier lifestyle habits.


Sarah Williams




As a husband and father, as well as someone who loves the adventure of life, I have become extremely present to the importance of optimal health, without which, life cannot be abundant and enjoyed to the full.

Early this year I contracted an extreme case of tonsillitis and uvilitis, it was during this period that I said “enough is enough”. I knew I needed to do everything in my power to transform my health and life. Vitavation supported me in the healing process and I can honestly say that my health transformed. I now feel lighter, and more conscious, clear and more vital than ever before. I cannot recommend VitaVation enough. Thank you for your constant commitment to transforming the lives of people across the planet.


Rio Ayodele




Doing the Wholistic Health Scan has really opened up a new stream of life and awareness for me. At first I was fearful and anxious about how it was going to take place, but with guidance and support I was reassured that true vitality and health is a possibility in my life. I used to smoke quite a lot before the scan and programme, have now successfully stopped and have noticed with the change in diet that I no longer harbour as much mucus in my body as I did before. I definitely recommend the scan and programme to others (I have already!!) as I feel it's a journey everyone seeking wholeness and well being should embark on; if they haven't already. VitaVation you are creating a vital future for the leaders of tomorrow and I am one of them.Thank you.


Craig Samuels


We want to give you the choice to use environmentally friendly products that suit your lifestyle. We do what we do to inspire you to live life to the full, promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging you to enjoy the beautiful world around us and letting you rest easy knowing you’ve made the most positive choices for people and the planet.


Are you ready to cultivate and give birth to a life of health, wholeness and fulfilment?


We believe that a life of health, wholeness and fulfilment is your birthright as a living soul and provide you with the tools required to access and activate this intrinsic reality so that it may be actualised in and through your daily life.


Utilising our methods will enable you to discover a level of self-awareness and responsibility that will empower you to become the driver navigating the course of your own life, rather than merely being the passenger.


We work with individuals who are hungry to experience the fullness of life that is available for us right here, right now.


By exploring each individual’s unique attributes, experiences, creative thinking and personal desires, we are able to inspire, motivate and guide our clients, encouraging affirmative shifts, to the degree that they experience life in a brand new way.

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1x One Hour - £100

Face-To-Face/Online Session


Who Are These Sessions For?


These sessions are for individuals who are intrigued by the potential of living an optimised life, and are interested in exploring some basic ideas for how to do so.


What You Will Get


Exploring the world we live in and being open to discovery are essential components contributing to us being free, powerful, compassionate, peaceful and productive.


In this session, we will explore ideas and concepts, as well as some basic tools, which enable you to see the importance of taking ownership for your life and the necessary steps it takes to do so.

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5x One Hour - £500

Face-To-Face/Online Sessions


Who Are These Sessions For?


These sessions are for individuals who feel like they are stuck in a constant loop, where relationships and resources appear to continuously break down and life just seems not to work.


What You Will Get


In order to operate in a manner which is aligned with our desires, we first need to establish what our desires are, and what may be getting in the way of us fulfilling said desires.


In this five session series, you will learn how to self-discover that which is impeding and preventing you from being everything that you desire, as well as the freedom it takes to evade these blockages, thus setting you up for a life of empowerment.


5x One Hour - £650

Face-To-Face/Online Sessions


Who Are These Sessions For?


These sessions are for individuals who know what they want in life, but don’t yet know how to fully accomplish what they want; those who feel they have everything they need but for some reason aren’t seeing the results.


What You Will Get


Once one has laid a strong foundation, it is then necessary to move on to the construction phase, where one builds the edifice.


In this five session series, you will be equipped with an array of techniques and processes which will enable you to construct the life of your desires, on your terms. You will be empowered to be in the driving seat of your destiny, creating and controlling the course of your life.

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Payment for your sessions will be taken at the time of your booking. Please therefore have your credit card details at hand, in most instances, payments will be made securely using Paypal or GoCardless.


If any appointment is cancelled 24 hours or more before your session, we will refund the full amount paid. There is no refund for any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice; this is also the case for any missed sessions. In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel your appointment – if this occurs you will receive a full refund for that session. Please note that if you join any session under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or become abusive, insulting, disruptive or act in an unreasonable manner during the session, we will be entitled to terminate the session and you will remain liable for the payment of the session.

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We love to make your customer experience as simple and seamless as possible.


At the point of purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with all details concerning your session(s).


It is our desire that you feel completely at home in your session(s). For this reason, we relish the opportunity to create a safe space for you to share and express, with no inhibitions and no limitations.


You will experience a warm, welcoming and caring coach, and a form of coaching which is non-directive, values-based and solution focused.


If you have chosen to participate in the Establish or Empower series’, in your final session, you will consolidate everything that you have acquired and built in the previous four sessions and complete the series’, ready to experience life in a brand new way.

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