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Meshach, having had a five year hiatus from musical and artistic activity, has finally made his full debut release in the form of the infectious anthem, ‘Gatekeepers’, which features edgy production, poignant lyrics, choral chants, and an energy which captures the essence and importance of individual and/or collective freedom, upliftment and transformation.

Gatekeepers Single Artwork

Gatekeepers - The Debut Single

Written by M.D.Spooner, Rio Guthrie, Danielea Lewis and Lyndrik Xela.

Produced by M.D.Spooner and Nate Notes.

Mixed by M.D.Spooner and Kearon The BoSS Stephen.

Mastered by Kearon The BoSS Stephen.

Guitar by Nate Notes.

Bass by Abel Addington.

All other instruments by M.D.Spooner and Nate Notes.

All vocals by Meshach.

Additional vocals by Annabel Spooner and Lyndrik Xela.