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A singer, writer, composer, producer, artist, educator and explorer, Meshach (aka M.D.Spooner), hailing from London, UK, is the brainchild behind M.D.Spooner, Inc., a movement which bore its first flowers and fruit many moons ago through the medium of music.


Born in Swansea, Wales, and raised in Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia, before settling in London, Meshach vividly recalls "singing and dancing along to Bob Marley's greatest hits and Michael Jackson's ‘Dangerous’ album" in the courtyard of his Accra home, as well as stumbling across ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, after relocating to London, and being "completely possessed by the energy of the record". These, he says, "were definitely defining moments" in shaping his musical identity. This newfound identity altered the course of Meshach’s destiny, so to speak, which had previously appeared to be unequivocally headed in the direction of a career in football. It was at this pivotal juncture that he decided to follow the fork in the road and dedicate his life to music.

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Our Vision

"To Make An Impact and Make A Difference

In Multifaceted Ways"

- M.D.Spooner

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"M.D.Spooner, Inc. is firmly established upon the values of love, openness, optimism and authenticity, which empower and enable us to carry out and realise our vision everyday."

- M.D.Spooner

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